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Real Estate Investments

Founded in 1978, we specialize in identifying Commercial Real Estate Investments, structuring partnerships, and providing a return to our partners on those investments.


How it works for our Investors

Join the Investor Group

  • Click the “join investor group” buton and complete the investor questionnaire.
  • Verify Accredited or Non Accredited Investor status

Review Investment Opportunities

  • Once you have joined the investor group, you will be included on correspondence regarding upcoming investment opportunities.
  • When a new investment fund is being created we send initial notice to the group that describes the general location, asset type, and return goals.
  • Assuming the investment is of interest to you, you can call or email us to review the formal offering memorandum.

Offering Memorandum Review

  • Review Executive Summary and Operating Agreement
  • Consult your legal and accounting professionals
  • Contact our team with any questions

Fund Investment

  • Reserve your investment amount, typically this will be in increments of $25,000 -$200,000
  • Fund to our specific LLC

Track Results

  • Gain visibility into your investment thru our investor portal
  • Monthly financials are posted, Year end financials are posted as well as tax returns.
  • Your K-1 is available for download.
  • Watch Video Updates
  • Call us at anytime!
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